Torremolinos Farm  Rose grower

We are located in the Bogotá Sabana at 8,422 feet altitude over the sea level.


  • Our Farm has 57.33 Acres under green houses, with 8.65 hydroponic technology and growing.

  • We proudly are Rainforest, C-TPAT and BASC certified since 2009.
  • We do all logistics, from cultivation, commercialization and distribution.
  • Our goal is to provide quality and personal service to its final destination.

Suesca, Cundinamarca

Our farm is located in Suesca, Cundinamarca at 59 km northern Bogotá, part of the geographical region called Sábana de Bogotá, by the Andes Mountains.

Suesca is a scenic countryside town which is well known because its beautiful lake and rocks landscape;  Its climate (59°F) and altitude (8,422 ft) make it an ideal region for Rose growing at this part of the world.