I want to send out congratulations to our employee of the month for May! I would like to recognize Cali Myers in South Austin as our May employee of the month! Cali joined our Falcon Farms team right before Valentine’s Day this year… What a crazy time to join! She has done a phenomenal job over the last few months. She embraces every challenge that comes her way and we all know that working through Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day can be quite a challenge, especially as a new employee! Cali has a positive attitude and an energy that is contagious to everyone around her. She has a strong work ethic and I have to mention, also a great sense of humor! She excels at providing excellent member service. She approaches every guest that walks by the cooler and has a natural customer service talent.  Additionally, she continues to thrive and learn as new materials and new ideas are presented. She truly reflects the ideal Falcon Farms associate. She is open to new ideas and challenges. Since joining the team in South Austin, we have seen nothing but positive results!

I look forward to see continued success for her!

Congratulations Cali and thank you for all that you do!

Lisa Morgan, Falcon Farms - Texas
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