Flores Isabelita is one of the companies that are part of Falcon Farms and is dedicated to the manufacture of Bouquets.

At the end of 2016, we started a project that seeks to generate a line of employability in the floriculture sector of people with disabilities, not only in order to meet the labor needs of the plant, but also looking for social projection through job creation and potentialization of the skills of the staff with hearing impairment. Turn our loggerhead into a world class company with an inclusive look.

Our deaf workers are working in the manufacturing area, assembling branches in a table, armed in machine and support activities. The project involved 42 deaf people from eastern Antioquia and the city of Medellin, currently working 16 in plant.

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For us, labor inclusion means creating favorable conditions for the participation of people with disabilities in the workplace, providing equal opportunities for employment and the possibility of carrying out a life project.

In mid-2017 we opened this line of inclusion and expanded to the LGBTQ population, reaching young people who were looking for the opportunity of formal employment and recognition of gender equality.

The company, within the framework of its social responsibility, not only assumes the challenge with the inclusion of disabled people and LGBTQ, but also assumes the commitment to sensitize all its workers and interested parties, customers, suppliers, community, to be a more inclusive society. This project not only allows the talents of a vulnerable population to be made visible, but also leads us to be more creative in our own productive processes and at the same time to look from the simple to the life.